My name is Josh Martin, I’m from SW Ohio, I have a beautiful wife and three amazing kids that are my entire world, it is because of them that Sick For The Hunt has become a reality.

I’ve been in the outdoor industry since 2004. My wife and I was with a national television show for four years and I also co-owned another show for two.

I’ve been extremely blessed to have hunted all over North America, from Southern Florida to Northern Saskatchewan and everywhere in between.

In late summer 2015 I decided it was time to start my very own show to try and produce something that would represent the average, everyday, totally obsessed working class hunter.

I have assembled a team that is truly one of the best in the entire hunting industry and I feel extremely fortunate that each one of them has decided to bring their amazing talents to this production.

I’m a guy that has a passion, that feels this stuff in my soul, that wants it so bad I can taste it. I don’t have a big bank roll, I’m just gonna do it through hard work with a lot of help from my kids and my wife, family and friends, and see if we can do this, see if we can make it work. I promise you I will not be a puppet for the puppet masters, it won’t happen, that’s not me, that’s not what anyone wants to see anyway, you don’t want to see a 30 minute infomercial. If I don’t 100% believe in a product I will not use it, hunting is that important to me.

If you want to see real, if you want to see honest, now we might not always kill the biggest bucks we might hunt over bait at times and I’m going to get a lot of feedback from that, but we’re going to work our guts out to make it work. We’re gonna tell you exactly how it happens and exactly how it goes down, and the roller coaster ride of emotions that goes into a season. If that’s for you, if you feel it in your soul like I do, if you feel like nobody else on earth is more passionate about hunting than you, then you come to the right place because that’s the way that I feel, “nobody in the world can be more passionate than me” and I know there’s hundreds of thousands of people out there that feel the same way, hundreds of thousands of people out there that lives for that cool crisp November morning when the sun is just rising…there’s nothing in the world like that, there’s nothing in the world like spending time with your family and feeling closer to God in the outdoors, there’s nothing like it, if you feel that way, then this is the place for you, this is Sick For The Hunt.

– Josh Martin, Founder Sick For The Hunt

COPYRIGHT© 2016 / SICK FOR THE HUNT Powered By Faith, Family and Hard Work!

COPYRIGHT© 2016 / SICK FOR THE HUNT Powered By Faith, Family and Hard Work!